Our community house can provide accommodation in two locations and three buildings for those requiring it. one location is Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvár). Opposite the reformed church (Regina Maria 7) can be found our spacious and comfortable Francis Rákóczi the IInd. Center. It is surrounded by a large garden, it also has a conference room, a spacious dining room and a kitchen. The building is situated at about 7-10 minutes walk from the fortress. It is favorable for the tourists because the distance from Deva is 70 km, from Sibiu 75 km, from Cluj Napoca 95 km, from the Gorge of Intregalde 15 km, from Ighiu 12 km, from Roşia Montana (Verespatak) 95 km, from Sebeş (Szászsebes) 18 km, from Câlnic (Kelnek) 25 km, from the Râmeţ gorge12 km (Remetei Sziklaszoros), from Geoagiu Băi 45-km (Algyógyfürdő). For the tourists coming from south it is the best option because it is cheap. There is also another possibility of accommodation opposite our center in an older building, where smaller rooms are offered for the guests.
Our other location that offers accommodation is Vintul de Jos (Alvinc), where guests can stay in the guest rooms of the reformed parish. This place is situated at a small distance from the Martinuzzi-Bethlen castle, from the Kemény-house, from the István Szőts film director’s memorial house, from the painter László’s Pataky tomb, from St. Catharin medieval church, or from the Pianu (Alsópián) golf club or from the Zebernyik Castle in Vurpăr (Borberek). This accommodation is at 12 km from Alba Iulia on the way to Deva, on Muresului street 16.
The Francis Rákóczi IInd. Community Center offers shelter for 24 persons. The Center has 9 twin rooms, a quadruple room and a double room. It also has 5 separate showers and restrooms.
In the rooms opposite the new building we can offer extra beds (2,5x6), 5 beds in each room, one shower and a restroom. But you can also use the showers and restrooms from the new building. This accommodation is appropriate especially for young tourists.
In total, we can offer accommodation for 34 persons. 
In the guest rooms from Alvinc we can offer accommodation for 24 persons; there are three rooms (8 persons/room). There is a bigger dining room, kitchen and shared bathroom. This place is appropriate for young tourists, school trips.
Catering facilities: -breakfast - half menu – complete
Other facilities - tourist guide (extra fee) - watching TV. In the hall - fridge - free usage of the Internet, fax, WI-FI
Prices in 2013 - (accommodation and meals) 

Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvár): Francis Rákóczi II.Community Center

At our Community Center in the new building the accommodation/night for a person is 10 EUR, 40 RON, 2893 HUF
In the old building is 5 EUR. (21 RON), 1500 HUF person/night.
Guest rooms in Vinţul de Jos (Alvinc)
5 EUR, 21 RON, 1500 HUF person/night.
Booking the place for: conferences, lectures, trainings, presentations
Summer: 50 RON/hour – 12 EUR/hour Winter: 70 RON – 17 EUR/hour 
Catering facilities: Gyulafehérvár (Alba Iulia), Alvinc Half menu 11 EUR person/day. This consists of an abundant breakfast and supper. Only breakfast: 3 EUR person/day. Dining in Alba Iulia takes place in the new building’s dining room, in Alvinc in the large dining room. More information at Meals sub point. Using only the kitchen and the kitchen utensils and dishes 0,5 EUR/day/ person
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